Ebru Akkaş Kuseyri

She is an author and editor of children's books. She has been writing children's book reviews for the literary supplements for more than ten years. Auntie Orange is her first book. Ebru lives in Istanbul. Her house is full of plants and books. And she enjoys reading children's books.


Auntie Ginger

Auntie Ginger and Ali are neighbours. Ali stays with Auntie Ginger when his parents are out and they spend their times mostly at home. They love playing hide and seek together. They read books before going to sleep. Auntie Ginger tucks him in bed and sings the lullaby "sleep, wake-up; grow big and strong!" 

And it was one of those days they spent together. When something unusual happened... They found themselves in a game within a game.

"Is being small really a step of growing-up?"