Erbuğ Kaya

Born in Ankara, Erbuğ Kaya spent a childhood around the country as the son of a naval officer, came to Istanbul in 1992 to start university - and never left. After six years of studying civil engineering, he decided to leave without completing his degree and went into IT design, where his talent was recognised by Microsoft: he won the prestigious Most Valuable Professional prize four times between 2008 and 2012.

He has always written, and his first novel Giddar published in 2009 was followed by the Age of the Five in 2012 and Maderzad Palace in 2017.

Erbuğ Kaya lives with his wife Funda, the love of his life, in a flat cosier than a washing powder box.






Giddar is the name of world where the story is set, a word that means prison in the language of the gods. A land insulated from the rest of the universe.

These thirteen gods exploit human faith in order to enhance their strength and escape from Giddar. The gods deceive humans in a multitude of ways to steal their emotions - the essence of the spirit.

In this nine-level universe, Giddar's humans live on the fifth level whilst their gods occupy a corrupt eighth level. Regarding their relationship as an anomaly that has to be corrected, a couple of seventh-level creatures had undertaken an abortive foray into Giddar, only to be imprisoned in Azad, the prison for human souls.

Three thousand years have passed, and a new reality is being formed, one that will alter everything.

Drawing upon his own will and aided by destiny, the main protagonist Siox Dia Mont will overcome all obstacles, divine or human, to unlock the secrets and attain his own reality. This is the story of a journey he takes with his compeers: a journey from darkness into light, of enlightenment, friendship, love, existence, and the end of the age of gods and the start of the age of humans.

‘Esilda-i kaldanese solgamis urda belie.' (My light shows the way in the dark.)

English translation available