Esmahan Aykol

Esmahan Aykol was born in Edirne, Turkey, 1970, now living in Berlin and Istanbul. While studying towards a degree in law, she worked as a journalist for several Turkish newspapers and radio stations. Later she and a friend opened a bar, which went bust in no time. Her friend then opened a bookshop and Esmahan Aykol wrote a novel which became a bestseller not only in that bookshop, but throughout Turkey: ›Hotel Bosporus‹. Today, she concentrates solely on writing. She is the creator of the likeable Kati Hirschel novels, the third of which has just recently been published. Aykol’s books have been published in 10 languages.


Hotel Bosphorus (Kitapçı Dükkanı)

It was supposed to be a German-Turkish co-production. But filming comes to a halt when the director is found murdered in his suite at the Bosporus Hotel. What has this got to do with the German bookshop owner Kati Hirschel? First of all, the main suspect, actress Petra Vogel,
is her friend. Second, she runs a bookshop for crime thrillers in Istanbul and sees the murder as a chance, at last, to try out her detective skills in real life. And third: Kati Hirschel is a curious person. She is completely integrated into life in Istanbul. She catches up with friends on a regular basis, for a chat over coffee with copywriter Yilmaz or for a manicure with the editor Lale. She speaks Turkish fluently and, with intelligent charm and oriental cunning, has men wrapped around her fingers. Who could be in a better position to solve the murder? ›Hotel Bosphorus‹ is a novel in which German and Turkish prejudices vehemently collide, only to be swept from the table with effortless humour; a novel about international crime, but also about friendship beyond borders.

English translation available
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