Fakir Baykurt

Born in Burdur, he worked as a Turkish language teacher after training at the Gazi Institute of Education. During his teaching career, he was elected as president of the Turkish Teachers Union. Fakir Baykurt’s first steps into the world of literature were in poetry, but he is mostly known as storyteller and novelist. He died in 1999.

1970 Yunus Nadi Novel Prize (The Revenge of Snakes)
1970 TRT Story Prize (The Dead at the Border)
1971 Turkish Language Institute Novel Prize (Scythe)
1978 Orhan Kemal Novel Prize (Legend of Kara Ahmet)
1984 Berlin Senate Children’s Literature Prize (The Peace Cake)


The Turtles (Kaplumbağalar)

∣ Literatür, 2012 (1967), 368 pp. ∣

Tozak is village in a forgotten corner of the world. It is like poor man’s quilt with a thousand patches, arid and neglected. The village people are today’s peasants, who stil say “Our government knows the best!”. Still expecting help from the state, uneducated, vulgar but also hard working, realistic and honest. The day comes when the teacher Rıza, headman Battal and the clever madman Gray Abbas come together, think, organize the people and work day and night to build a vineyard on a stony field… “The Turtles” touches on the problems engraved in our memories, but which stil exist today. Written in a plain, but rich language, it is a genuine and bright literary work, as much a story about creative villagers, as about their despair and cluelessness in the face of the bureaucracy.

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