Murat Uyurkulak

Murat Uyurkulak was born in 1972 in Aydın. A university dropout, Uyurkulak worked as a waiter, technician, translator, journalist and publisher. His first novel Tol: Bir İntikam Romanı/Tol: A Revenge Novel was published in 2002. It was received with wide critical acclaim, immediately establishing him as a new and powerful voice in contemporary Turkish literature. Tol was adapted for the theater and has enjoyed a long and successful run. His second novel Har: Bir Kıyamet Romanı/Har: An Apocalyptic Novel was published in 2006.



Metis, 2013 (2002)

Genre: Novel

Pages: 264

The long train journey of two “defeated and exhausted” characters, once targets of the sweeping rage of the state and thus both marked with the brutal side of the country’s recent history. The Poet, a ‘68 political activist, and Yusuf, a red diaper child of the coup d’état, embark on an intoxicated and tormenting process of settling accounts with history, society and themselves. Meanwhile outside the train, all over the country, bombs are set off by an “unknown power”, destroying the most prominent official institutions and buildings that represent big money, state terrorism and oppression. When The Poet and Yusuf arrive at the last station, they step out onto a land where “the revolution is once again probable”. In a fascinating move, this “revenge novel” extends its vengeance on to the language itself, creatively destroying laws of syntax, semantics and vocabulary.

German and French translation available

Rights: Albanian (Fan Noli); Arabic (Golden Pony); German (Unionsverlag, 2008); French (Galaade, 2010); Italian (Passigli Editori);

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Har: Bir Kıyamet Romanı (Har: An Apocalyptic Novel, 2006) – German (Binooki);