Mustafa Kutlu

Born in 1947 in Erzincan. After completing his studies, he started teaching on Turkish literature. He has contributed to various literary periodicals since 1968 and currently works as an editor of chief of Dergah Literature, Art, Culture Magazine. Kutlu’s stories mark a climax in modern Turkish literature. He has a simple and enchanting language following Anatolian anecdote tradition. Along with short stories and essays, he also writes scripts for cinema and television films and produces TV shows. He is columnist for a prominent Turkish newspaper. His works with 300.000 of sold copies in Turkey have been translated into many languages.


  • Best Story Writer Award 1981 by Writers Union of Turkey
  • Best Story Writer Award 1983 by Writers Union of Turkey
  • Language Award for Uzun Hikaye (Long Story) 2000 by Writers Union of Turkey


A Long Story (Uzun Hikaye)

Dergah, 2000

30.000 copies sold

Genre: Novella

Pages: 115

The story of the long, agitating and touching adventure of a child, living with his father and who has lost his mother. Written in a narrative style, feelings of justice are continually emphasized. The father, who wants his son to live a better life than himself sends him to the city, but fate brings the young man to the beginning of the path, his father has followed.

Rights sold: Albanian (Beder); Azeri (Qanun); Malaya (ITBM);

Backlist rights:

Kambur Hafız ve Minare (Hunchbacked Hafiz and Minaret) – Dutch (Uitgeverij Atlas);

Mavi Kuş (Blue Bird) – Persian (Ordibehest);

Bu Böyledir (This is It) – Persian (Novi);

Ya Tahammül Ya Sefer (Patience or Travel) – Bosnian (Biblioteka Edeb);

Menekşeli Mektup (Letter with Pansy) – German (Seifaert Verlag);