Özlem Kumrular

B.A. in Western Languages and Literatures (Bosphorus University),  M.A. in History (Bosphorus University) and PhD in Fundaciones de la investigación histórica (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain). Areas of interest: 16th century-European-Ottoman & Mediterranean History, Spanish and Italian paleography, imagology, religious and social conflicts, marginal social classes, Turcophobia, Islamophobia,  picaresque novel and picaresque society. She has published 19 books on history, literature, music and black humor, translated 12 books from different languages and edited The Turkish Image, The Turks and the Sea, Suleiman the Magnificent. She has been teaching at Bahçeşehir University since 1999.




Kösem Sultan (Power, Passion and Conspiracy)

Biography, 336 pages

Istanbul, November 2015


The "real" life of Kösem Sultan, filtered through so many archival documents and sources in different languages! The spouse of I. Ahmed, the mother of IV. I. Murad and I.Ibrahim, the grondmother of IV.Mehmed...

Half a century in the palace! Intelligent, patient, prudent, shrewd and above all, in love with power! In a time of big changes at the palace, she was the one that protected herself and the empire integrity...

A powerful biography of one of the most important female figures at the Ottoman dynasty!


Tims Production has just released the first episode of the long-awaited sequel of "The Magnificent Era", Kösem:

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