Vildan Çetin

Born in Izmir, she completed her graduate of Public Relations and Advertising and Master Degree of Radio, TV & Cinema at Marmara University. She has worked as a producer and assistant director for various television and production companies. Still works as a copywriter and creative director.


The Origin (Kök)

The Holy Life Trilogy – 2

Galata Publishing, 2009

Genre: Novel

Pages: 352

A modern tale about a family, with each member having its own interpretation for the same story. The plot is like a water spreading rings and blending love, betrayal, mysticism, faith, intrigue in a drama and comedy. With both ironic and rebellious style, the story from the second book of a trilogy, obviously gifted with courage, is about modern man's dilemmas concerning life. ”The Origin” plays an eloquent mind game with the reader, persuades and make believe. The writer Vildan Cetin, enters into the world of literature giving a new breath.

Rights: Bulgarian (Paradox);